Published Work

For a comprehensive list of Kevin Hemker’s publications, please visit his Google Scholar Citations here. Below are the five most recent publications and the five most cited.

Recent Publications

April 2020

Growth of high purity zone-refined Boron Carbide single crystals by LaserDiode Floating Zone method

Authors:  Michael Straker, Ankur Chauhan, Mekhola Sinha, W. Adam Phelan, M.V.S. Chandrashekhar, Kevin J. Hemker, Christopher Marvel, Michael Spencer

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April 2020

Tailoring the coefficient of thermal expansion of ternary nickel alloysthrough compositional control and non-contact measurements

Authors: Gianna M. Valentino, Jessica A. Krogstad, Timothy P. Weihs, Kevin J. Hemker

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March 2020

Fabrication of Freestanding Metallic Ni-Mo-W Microcantilever Beams With High Dimensional Stability

Authors: Gianna M. Valentino, Pralav P. Shetty, Jessica A. Krogstad, Kevin J. Hemker

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January 2020

Non-dissociated <c+a> dislocations in an AZ31 alloy revealed by transmission electron microscopy

Authors: Luoning Ma, Kelvin Xie, John Cai, Kevin J. Hemker

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December 2019

Bending Nanoindentation and Plasticity Noise in FCC Single and Polycrystals

Authors: Ryder Bolin, Hakan Yavas, Hengxu Song, Kevin J. Hemker, Stefanos Papanikolaou

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Most Cited Publications

May 2003

Deformation Twinning in Nanocrystalline Aluminum

Authors: Mingwei Chen, En Ma, Kevin J Hemker, Hongwei Sheng, Yinmin Wang, Xuemei Cheng

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September 2000

Domain wall motion and its contribution to the dielectric and piezoelectric properties of lead zirconate titanate films

Authors: F. Xu, S. Trolier-McKinstry, W. RenBaomin Xu, Z.-L. Xie, K. J. Hemker

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May 2006

Stress-assisted discontinuous grain growth and its effect on the deformation behavior of nanocrystalline aluminum thin films

Authors: D.S. GianolaS. Van PetegemM. LegrosS. BrandstetterH. Van SwygenhovenK.J. Hemker

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December 2009

Experimental Observations of Stress-Driven Grain Boundary Migration

Authors: T. J. Rupert, D. S. Gianola, Y. Gan, K. J. Hemker

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March 2003

Shock-Induced Localized Amorphization in Boron Carbide

Authors: Mingwei Chen, James W McCauley, Kevin J Hemker

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