Dogbone of the Week

Our lab recently started a fun new tradition at our biweekly group meetings. Each meeting, one member presents on a topic in material science or an adjacent field. Check out some of the recent ones below!


Presenter: Sam Present

February 14, 2022

Want to counterfeit your own meteorite? Sam’s got you covered. He hypothesized how we could recreate the microstructures of these alien space rocks in our own labs.

Gas Atomization

Presenter: Sharon Park

March 7, 2022

Sharon divulged some of the secrets of her master’s thesis which utilized gas atomization to create metallic powders for additive manufacturing.


Presenter: Catherine Barrie

April 11, 2022

Catherine showed us some of the science behind what makes gemstones so valuable. Find out more about stones like benitoite, painite, and even the Maryland state gem — the Patuxent River stone.

Garnet Micro-Tunnels

Presenter: Kevin Hemker

April 18, 2022

To follow up Catherine’s presentation on gemstones Professor Hemker lead us through a thrilling mystery — what could have caused these interesting micro-tunnels that were ruining these natural garnets? Take a look at this paper and tell us what you think!


Presenter: Daniel Magnuson

June 27, 2022

Ever wonder what keeps sea crabs from imploding under the high pressures of deep ocean waters? Me neither. Nevertheless, Daniel enlightened us on the unique microstructure and architecture of crab shells and their mechanical properties.

Mechanical Watches

Presenter: Ali Jalali

September 9, 2022

Want to know why mechanical watches are so expensive? Ali took us through all of the science and engineering that goes into creating a watch that doesn’t need to be wound and is still amazingly accurate.


Electromechanical Pinball Machines

Presenter: Maddy Selby

September 23, 2022

Maddy showed us all the ins and outs of what makes electromechanical pinball machines work (and so fun to play!). If you are curious about their history and their design, take a look at her presentation!



Presenter: Mike Patullo

October 7, 2022

Let’s cut right to the chase, this presentation is about swords. Mike dove into the details of one of the oldest materials science fields and what makes certain blade materials so special.


The Demon Core

Presenter: Kate Brizzolara

October 21, 2022

Kate shared her passion of World War II era history with her presentation on the Demon Core, an un-dropped atomic bomb. This presentation was a good reminder that safety should always come first in the lab!